Our mission is to continue being the leader in the industry by offering Integral Global Services, providing support for products that are currently being sold, regardless of language and/or currency. Investing and meeting today’s technological demands as well as becoming an extension of our client’s STAFF.


To continue being an innovative company that consistently adapts to changes in the Vacation Ownership Property, Hotel and Tourism Industry by providing professional and customized services for our clients.


Discipline: Clear strategies and commitment.

Proactivity: Take action on the daily demand of follow-up and to intuitively support and react to challenges in a positive manner.

Open to Change: Our industry is under constant change and we understand the importance of being a step ahead of the game and to be willing to modify and implement new processes.

Responsibility: Contribute to the growth and harmony of the environment whenever our team is interacting with others.

Respect: To our clients, our client’s members and our corporate team.


  • Global Presence. At Resorts Advantage we are ready to handle any demand regardless of the type of product and/or market. We count on a multilingual and multicurrency infrastructure to cater to client’s needs.

  • Choose ONLY the services required by your operation.

  • At Resorts Advantage we understand that you are the expert in marketing and selling your product, we will minimize your operational costs and maximize the efficiency of each of your operating processes.

  • Our Fees. Our Business Development team understands your needs and guarantees that we will find the perfect formula to adjust to your operation. At Resorts Advantage we know what TEAM BUILDING is all about.