• Resorts Advantage Ltd., Inc. Our operations were established in 1990. Our corporate office and call center are located in Miami which has an exceptional geographic advantage for our clients as well as for our clients' members who visit us often. The nationality mix in the City of Miami has allowed for diverse and multicultural personnel. Not only do we speak our clients' languages from this call center which handles calls from United States, the Caribbean, Central America and South America, but we also understand the idiosyncrasies of each culture.

  • Resorts Advantage Spain. S.L. Established in 2005 in the City of Madrid, a city that is the seat of numerous international events. We strategically opened our call center in Madrid to capture all of the European market and due to our clients' needs while marketing and selling their product in this market. Also, to offer all of our services within european time, languages and currencies.

  • Resorts Advantage World Wide S.A. de C.V. Established in 2009 in México, D.F. This call center has been one of our greatest rewards since we recognized how the Mexican market required our services and special attention at a crucial moment in their marketplace and we are proud of our clients' response to date. At Resorts Advantage our clients' members are assited by personnel who know all of the legal aspects as well as the various types of payments that are applicable in Mexico. Most importantly, our specialists understand that business in the Mexican marketplace cannot be generalized or automated as in the United States.