We are one of the leaders in the industry in all aspects of Controls, Management and Collections of:

  • CURRENT PORTFOLIO: Generally, the developer (or person responsible for the portfolio) will approach us to manage only their delinquent accounts, however once our services are contracted our Clients benefit from Resorts Advantage’s infrastructure. We prove that we are NOT an additional cost, but an integral solution. We understand the importance of being a team (at a technological level as well as from a service standpoint) in the areas of Member Services and Reservations by minimizing any problems for our Clients in order to maintain their accounts current.

  • DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Our collection specialists are carefully selected and trained to provide exclusive services for Timeshare/Vacation Ownership products (or other products with similar sales processes). We understand that each delinquency range requires an agent with a specific profile in order to efficiently attend each account. Due to our 25 years of experience in the collection business in both America and Europe, our IT team has developed a High- Technology console for portfolio assignment. The system automatically selects and assigns the portfolio on its first day of delinquency (portfolio and/or maintenance) in real time and without the need of manual input.

  • Management and Collection of maintenance fees, reservation fees and other concepts (if applicable). We have a team of agents that specialize in the collection of this category, nevertheless if an account becomes past due, we work together with our Client’s Corporate Department in order to provide members with alternatives to maintain their fees current.

  • Escrow/Trustee Services. For clients who require Trust Account Services either in creating a new trust or transferring an existing one. Resorts Advantage counts with a team of colleagues in the Legal field that will guide our clients with the setup of all the necessary compliance process when selling to US residents. We have an established system of selected reports for this type of portfolio which includes all of the required monthly and end of year statements.

Some of our tools used to maintain the highest level of standards in the Collections Industry:

  • Billing
  • Automatic Payment
  • By calling any of our Call Centers (credit card, debit cards or checking account).
    Real-time Online Approval and Payment Process
  • Paying personally at any of our offices
  • Online payment
  • The transaction is reflected immediately in the Member’s account as well as in our Client’s reports