Resorts Advantage has been in operation since 1990, therefore have ample experience with regards to the variety of products that have evolved throughout the years. Our Information Systems Team has always operated at the forefront by updating our reservations module, usage and inventory control modules and increasing different functions in order to support all of the requirements for each of the products like:

  • Fixed weeks
  • Floating weeks
  • Biennial (odd/even)
  • Fixed unit with points
  • Points
  • Products which are based on yearly calendar or date of purchase (usage)
  • Split Week (fractional ownership in accordance with the product’s rules and regulations)
  • Units with specific arrival dates
  • Other

In order for the Reservations Department to provide the services that are currently marketed, RA has designed a unique infrastructure for control, management and inventory optimization for our Clients.

The reservations department will make deposits with affiliated companies or with any other third party partnership that our Client may request.

Reports and Statistics: We know that it is essential for our Clients to have online access to their operation and to all types of information regarding reservations, destinations, usage and occupancy. Therefore, we offer multiple operating and analytical reports available in real time.