Why did we venture into the Technology Industry?

  • Experience in the entire pre-sale process (high costs for the developer and/or sales and marketing team)
    • Lead generation
    • Tour no buy
    • Sales
  • Experience in post-sales
  • Experience in other systems
    • Challenges and high costs incurred by Clients when adapting their business rules to other software that are currently commercialized.
  • The industry’s need to release Developers from the burden of the complexities of the constant evolution of technology.
    • Infrastructure (servers, communications, upgrades, revisions, replacement of equipment, data backup, technical personnel, etc.)
    • Software (upgrades, maintenance and integration of new technology, etc.)

Modules used to assist our Clients:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Reservations
  • Corporate Website
  • Members Website
  • Web Services interface with multiple systems currently operated by our Clients. (“API: Application Program Interface”)
  • Resort Advantage’s exclusive Members website:
    • “Links” for other resources from the club’s website
    • Data integration
    • General membership information
    • Registration in automatic payment program
    • Online payments
    • Payment history
    • Statements
    • Other